Covid-19 Precautions



Santa Ottoman Hotel

Our facility implements a number of standard measures against covid-19 by Turkish Ministry of Health and also take some additional specific precautions. We apply these measures both for your safety and for our own safety. If you have any questions about our coronavirus measures, please ask us.


Our guests are obliged to comply with the hotel rules from the moment they make their reservations. Due to the wordwide Covid-19 pandemic, our hotel has developed a series of measures as we have mentioned above. These measures are very important for both guest health and the health safety of hotel staff. The necessary judicial or administrative procedures are applied to remove the guests who are found to be not complied with any of these measures. Our hotel is determined to show no flexibility in this regard. Our hotel policy, which has been very flexible for guest satisfaction for years, only applies and follows very strict rules in this regard. It is declared to our dear guests respectfully.

Obey The Rules

Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable and hygienic atmosphere during your stay at our facility. We request you to abide by the measures we take for this purpose! Our trained cleaning staff responsible for the cleaning of your room take all precautions before entering the rooms.


Written and visual instructions of the rules and bases to be applied in common areas such as the entrance, registration and reception areas, elevator front and inside of our facility have been prepared. If the rules are not followed despite the warnings, all kinds of legal sanctions will be applied.

Disinfection Materials

Hand sanitizers were placed at the most guest contact points of the hotel. Alcohol-based disinfectant fluid is periodically renewed. Special waste bins were placed for used masks and gloves. At the entrance, fever measurement is made for everyone, without exception.

Before Resale

Our facility constantly applies special hygiene measures before opening the room for sale after a check-out. A detailed procedure is implemented before resale, from venting the room with fresh air to the complete disposal of garbage and waste from the previous guest.


Each of our employees have received special training on combating Covid-19 and hygiene, and these trainings are repeated periodically. The fever of our employees, who act in accordance with the social distance rules, is measured twice a day and the measurement results are recorded.

Frequent Cleaning

Disinfection of even the smallest spots throughout the facility is not neglected. Rooms are ventilated after each check-out. Every single point such as door handles, handrails, sinks, soap dispensers, faucets and interiors of cabinets and equipment handles are carefully disinfected.

Detailed Disinfection

Hotel textile products, bedding materials, towels, fabric products used in bathrooms and rooms are disinfected at approximately 80 degrees celsius with an automatic washing machine and kept in a closed cupboard. After each guest leaves the room, besides the trash cans, bathrooms and toilets are carefully disinfected.

Kitchen Side

Our kitchen staff only work with uniforms, masks, gloves, bonnets and slippers used in the kitchen. No person is allowed into the facility kitchen, except for the special disinfection team and kitchen staff. Benches, equipment and machines are disinfected daily.

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