Istanbul, The Unique City

Things to do in Istanbul, places to see, excursions and tours, festivals and events, congresses and seminars, restaurants and hotels. Plan your Istanbul trip with helpful traveler information.

Augusta, Antonina, New Rome, Byzantium, Constantinople and finally Istanbul… These exciting names remind of the city’s mysterious and fascinating past. Istanbul can be considered as the combination of the old and modern city as well as Islamic and Mediterranean cultures in a fascinating atmosphere. There are very few cities in the world like Istanbul, where it is so enjoyable to experience and have fun.

Istanbul offers an unforgettable experience to its travelers with its colorful daily city life and lively nightlife. The beautiful skyline of the city brings together historical sites and monuments such as Roman Aqueducts, Byzantine Churches, Venetian Towers, Byzantine – Ottoman and Turkish palaces. And the skyline includes skyscrapers and plazas as well as monumental minarets. Especially the Historical Peninsula and Bosphorus will make you fall in love with the city.

Get your Turkish e-visa online. With US and European citizens to travel to Turkey on a tourist visa and can stay for up to 90 days needs a valid passport. For e-visa, visit the website:

Our guide to what’s in Istanbul has a calendar of events that you shouldn’t miss while visiting Istanbul. There’s always an event held in this massive city, so take a look at tickets and offers, the latest exhibitions, shows and more from your trip to Istanbul, on the website we recommend. Make sure to explore Istanbul’s diverse districts, from quiet suburbs to central districts filled with shopping, entertainment and dining options. Discover the best Istanbul-based day trips or try one of the best Istanbul tours. If you are here as a family, you will find a lot of things to do with children in Istanbul. Whether you are looking for the best weekend holidays in Istanbul or planning a longer vacation, you can be sure that you will find most of the information you need on this site.

Istanbul in northwestern Turkey is the only city in the world spanning two continents. Admire the dazzling array of cultural experiences on offer, from spectacular architecture to mouth-watering appetizers.



Explore the special location of Istanbul and its unique cosmopolitan lifestyle among world cities.


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